Clinical Medical Assistant Program Summary

Program SummaryPharm Tech

As a Clinical Medical Assistant you will help the physician carry out procedures, care for patients, perform simple lab tests and administer medications. The Clinical Medical Assistant works in a doctor's office or clinic. This course combines 134 hours of classroom instruction, including 42 hours of online training, with a 160-hour externship to provide you with a complete learning experience.

Starting Pay

$10 - $15 per hour based on a national average. Students are encouraged to do their own research as to what the prevailing wage is for employers in the region.

Community Job Survey

Employment is projected to grow much faster than average, ranking medical assistants among the fastest growing occupations over the 2006-16 decade. Employment of medical assistants is expected to grow 35 percent from 2006 to 2016, much faster than the average for all occupations. Job opportunities should be excellent, particularly for those with formal training or experience, and certification. See the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook for Medical Assisting.


Certificate of Completion will be awarded after successful completion of the course and externship. Graduates are also qualified for optional certification offered by the NCCT and NHA.


Eligible students who commit to a full-time externship (five business days a week) will be placed in an externship no later than 90 days from the end of the classroom portion of any course. Eligible students who commit to a part-time externship (2-4 business days per week) will be placed in an externship no later than 180 days from the end of the classroom portion of any course. Students may be required to travel 60 miles in one direction to an externship site. An eligible student is one who has all prerequisites on file with Boston Reed College and has successfully completed the classroom portion of the course, and has complied with all policies and procedures and met all financial obligations. Prerequisites are as follows: externship questionnaire, CPR for the healthcare provider, proof of a current physical examination, tuberculosis screening and a resume. More on Externships will be found in your student guidelines and discussed in class. More about externships.

Continuing Education Units

Certified Nursing Assistants earn 48 hours of CEU's.


There are no minimum state requirements for enrollment. We recommend that students are at least 18 years of age and have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent. Prior to placement in an externship, each participant will be required to show proof of completion CPR for the healthcare provider, (the CPR course must be one and two-person teams for adult, child and infant CPR;) proof of a current physical examination, tuberculosis screening, and submit a resume. Obtaining CPR, physical, TB screening and resume is student's responsibility. Requires regular access to a PC and the Internet for online training segments.

English and Math Prescreening

A Math and English pre-assessment test will be administered online to establish student baseline. You will be required to take the prescreening prior to final admittance into any course. The prescreening covers basic English language reading and comprehension as well as basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percentages). See sample prescreening assessments for English and Math. Your results on the preassessment does not excluded you from the program.