Veterinary Assistant Program Summary

Program SummaryVeterinary Assistant

As a Veterinary Assistant you will help the Veterinarian or the Veterinarian Technician in their daily tasks. You will feed, water, and examine pets for signs of illness, disease, or injury; and clean and disinfect cages and work areas, as well as sterilize laboratory and surgical equipment in laboratories, animal hospitals and clinics. This course combines 35-hours of classroom instruction with a 24-hour volunteer experience to provide you with a complete learning experience. (Total - 59 Hours).

Starting Pay

$10 - $15 per hour

Community Job Survey

Pet owners love their pets. Increasingly pet owners are willing to pay for frequent and advanced veterinary care. This trend is expected to increase demand for veterinary assistants and cause the field to grow faster than average through 2018.


Upon successful completion graduates will receive a certificate of completion.


Classes are conveniently scheduled on Saturdays or weeknights.


Minimum 18 years of age and high school completion or its equivalent. Admission to the Veterinary Assistant certificate program is open to any interested student who is proficient in keyboarding, has a basic understanding of a word processing computer program (Microsoft Word recommended) and has a command of English grammar and punctuation. No veterinary office work experience is required. Students will be required to have access to the Internet, printing capabilities and an email address. The volunteer experience component requires students to volunteer their time (24 hours). Students will be responsible for coordinating their own volunteer experience.


Once you are enrolled, prior to the start of class, you will take a preassessment online. This covers basic English language, reading and comprehension as well as basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percentages). Your results do not exclude you from the program. Your results do give us an idea of your skills and abilities today. See practice preassessments for English and Math.